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You’re one choice away from creating a meaningful life & business you love. Learn to…

Accept and honor yourself 

Forgive, trust, and heal

Maintain better boundaries

Become intentional about the daily choices you make

Take consistent and inspired action

Become disciplined and focused on your personal growth.

Welcome! I’m Rocio.

An entrepreneur, life coach, writer & storyteller. I play BIG in matters of the heart & soul and will guide you to take radical responsibility for the life you want to live.

How I Came To Do This Work…

Over 10 years ago, it took everything in me to get up in the mornings. For months, I struggled to be an active participant in life. I grew angry and resentful. The only thing I looked forward to each and every day was getting back into bed. My marriage was slowly falling apart. I became unfulfilled in my role as a mother. I was easily irritated and couldn’t deal anymore. I hated myself for it. I became really great at masking my pain behind perfection and over-achievement. I started several businesses and took on loads of projects. I spent less time at home and more time on myself. I became obsessed with achieving my goals. 

With no idea where or how to start, I began to pray. I prayed for God to show me the way. I prayed to a God I was angry at. A God I was unsure I believed in. So much pain and anger to work through. I had to learn to say yes to God and to myself, each and every day. I had to learn to surrender all control which was probably the hardest thing of all. I learned to really trust and believe that I was worthy and loved. 

What I discovered in my healing was that my perfectionism was masked pain, rooted in rejection. And, that my striving was rooted in this idea that if I worked hard enough to achieve perfection, in all areas of my life, then and only then would I experience true joy. None of what I’ve lived through was for nothing. Instead, it was infused with great meaning and purpose. It has brought me to you.

My Mission

I have committed my life to paving a way for others who are where I have been. I write, speak, and teach on the experiences divinely designed to come through me by creating spaces, opportunities and resources that equip, empower, & encourage people to move and grow toward a better future. We are not meant to journey through this life alone. Allow me to guide you through. There’s new life waiting for you!

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