Work with Rocio

Nothing in this life is guaranteed. 
Not a single thing. 
Except for life and death, that is.

You were born. 
You are here.
You are living. 
You are breathing. 
You exist.

This is certain.
This we know.

So much is out of our actual control. 
Control is an illusion. 
It’s a thought process. 
A choice.

To live freely is to live intentionally. 
To be present to yourself in every possible moment.

Ask of yourself what it is you need today.
Honor it. 
Honor yourself. 
Honor what you need.
Be what you need. 
Expect nothing more, expect nothing less.

There is a beginning and an end to every single thing that exists. 
You are here today but possibly gone tomorrow. 
Morbid? That’s up to you. 
Death is guaranteed.
Everything that lives will one day pass.

My point? 

Today, this moment, is all you know, for certain, you have.
How will you choose to spend this moment?

How will you choose to live intentionally?

Who & what will you give your undivided attention to?

How will you love?

What will you consume?

Who will you be for yourself and the those around you?
Let us not waste our days. 

Choose to show up for yourself today however that looks, however it needs to be-
It is good. 
It is enough. 
It is okay.

You are good.
You are enough.
You are okay.